Baby Elliott | Family Session | College Park, GA

I know everybody always says this, but I literally mean it. It feels like yesterday that I was taking Baby E’s newborn pictures, and here we are again… taking her ONE YEAR PICTURES?!? Come on. She’s grown up SO much (obviously), and was such a trip – She could go like giggle to straight face mean-muggin’ in like 0.5 seconds. It was pretty impressive, I’ll admit. My favorite part about doing pictures with these guys is they love doing them in their home…. there is something so special about that. I was at a photo workshop a few weeks back listening to another photographer, Kevin Von Qualen, speak about the photography he loved doing the most and what he said really resonated with me, especially after this session. He was talking about how he was doing a family session and waited until the right time of day where the sun was setting, took all of his strobes out and had this awesome lighting set up, and got some great pictures but for some reason he wasn’t in love with them. Later that night he was hanging out with the family at their house and chatting with one of the little kids about a cartoon, and there in the kid’s living room at the very moment when they were telling him something really important he snapped a picture… and fell in love with it. It was them in their environment, where they felt the most like themselves, and at a moment where they were being completely candid and genuine. And when they get older, they’ll remember that old couch they used to always jump on, that toy they used to love, the house they grew up in… there is something so much more intimate about that than an awesome lit shot in an open field. I think this is something I really want to start striving for, catching families in their own elements, their own spaces, and making it a tangible memory of that phase in your life. Baby Elliott loved playing with empty spice bottles and containers… I LOVE that. And she wanted to hug anything and everything she could – books, stuffed animals, you name it. I hope I can capture moments like this for our little family too, they’re so fleeting! How does the time go by so quickly??

Alright, enough of me talking. More precious baby face! Baby Elliott… take it away!

Until next time!

August 14, 2015 - 7:00 am

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