Baby Emerson | F A M I L Y | Atlanta, GA

Life never quite looks like whatever I envisioned it to be. In some ways it’s so much more chaotic, bumpy, and just generally messy that I thought… but in other ways it’s turned out to be so much richer, fuller, and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Parenthood is like that all rolled up into one. This one little tiny person can bring you so much joy and love you feel like your heart could explode, but then they start making all of their demands (BOOBS! PACI! BURP ME! DON’T LEAVE ME! OR DO ANYTHING ELSE IN GENERAL WITHOUT ME!) which brings you back to reality and your own weakness. It’s the most awe-inspiring and emotionally exhausting adventure all at the same time… and I see so much of myself in that tiny, needy little thing. I think about the Father’s love for me as His child, how patient and kind He is to me, the wisdom he has in the ways he teaches me to live, and also how he teaches so gently. I think about how many times I get it all wrong, even the simplest of things, but somehow He still doesn’t give up on me and manages to look on me with love. And while I know I’ll never be able to love perfectly like that, I hope my babies see that mirrored in our lives as we raise them.

I was thrilled to have the chance to spend the morning with these guys and finally meet sweet little Emerson – she was such a peach! While these three have had a bumpier start than most (to say in the least), they’ve blossomed into the sweetest little family and I couldn’t be happier for them. I know their story has touched a lot of folks, and I’m so thankful for all of the good that God is growing not only in but also from them. Congratulations Ryan+Alli… you officially make awesome babies! 😉

Russell Family 01
Russell Family 02
Russell Family 03
Russell Family 04
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