Benbino | S E N I O R | Atlanta, GA

You know what’s weird? Seeing a grown up ginger-man and flashing back to when he was a teeny little ginger-baby with the sweetest little grin, the biggest personality, and the tenderest little heart. Not much has changed, other than his height. And he’s a little better at soccer now. Oh, and he doesn’t injure himself nearly as much. Ben is my dearest little bro (in case you couldn’t tell), and while there’s a pretty big age gap between us (11 years!) he’s still one of my favorite people… and he just keeps getting cooler.

I’ll never forget this one particular day when we were sitting in a pew at church, and I was having one of those particularly angsty teenager days where you felt completely alone and like the whole world was out to get you (I can’t even remember what earth-shattering crisis was happening at the time, but I’m certain it was HUGE.) And as I was sitting there just mulling in my little cloud of self-pity, here comes little tiny Ben. He just scooted over really close, wrapped his arm around my arm and leaned up against me. For no reason at all. Totally out of nowhere. And I just completely melted. He probably has no idea what I’m talking about, but I think even as a kid he’s always been very aware of the people around him. And that to me is something amazingly sweet and rare.

I’m so thankful for the man that God is growing him into… and I am SO totally excited to see all of the adventures that await for him! You’re awesome. You’re doing great things, and you’re bound to do a few more. I love you brother! And congratulations on making it this far ya braniac!! WOOP!


Life is definitely better with you in it. Love you brother bear!



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