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Baby Lavonia | Newborn + Family Session | Atlanta, GA

Have you heard about the classiest new lady baby around? It’s this girl right here… baby Lavonia. She’s been #griffintrained from the womb, she’s already been a part of a live performance by the Traveling G’s (she was a back-up vocalist, very minor role if you missed her), AND she already made it to the zoo at like a week old…. this girl is doing big things!! She reminds me so much of her big sister Evy in her newborn photos. (*sigh*) It seems like we did those yesterday… and look how far she’s come!

It’s also no secret that newborn sessions are a little bit of a challenge… but THIS GIRL. She was like an angel baby! If every single newborn session went as smoothly as this one, I’d pump these things out like WHOA! She was so sweeeeet and sleepy and snuggly, and totally down for whatever we were doing. She just wanted to be a part of the gang… and I loved it.

We’re SO so happy for you guys!! Go ahead and check off “made precious babies” on your to-do list… you knocked that one out of the PARK. 😉 Alright Baby Lavonia…. take it away!

Baby Lavonia 01
Baby Lavonia 02
Baby Lavonia 03
Baby Lavonia 04
Baby Lavonia 05
Baby Lavonia 06
Baby Lavonia 07
Baby Lavonia 08

Until next time…



Rachel | Senior Session | Atlanta, GA

One of the things I love most about Atlanta is the ART! Ok, mostly the people. And then the food. And theeeeen the ART! I’ve been wanting to explore the murals and street art for awhile now. Rachel came to me about doing her Senior Session and when her only vision for the shoot was “GRAFFITI!” I knew she’d be my girl! We loaded up and explored the Edgewood Ave. + Irwin Street areas in Atlanta and found some real gems. The colors and styles of work… WOWZA! I was seriously impressed! This wasn’t just sloppy spraypaint lobbed around, there was some real talent on these walls.

Rachel was SO fun to photograph… she’s a natural, even though she’ll tell you otherwise (don’t be fooled!). We were taking a break for a wardrobe change at one point, and by the time we made it back to the wall we were shooting on someone had started filming a rap video – soooo basically we’re gonna be FAMOUS! Keep an eye out for us, we’ll try to remember you when we make it big…

We’re so happy for her as she’s celebrating the end of one chapter and branching off into the next new adventure!! It’s gonna be a blast, enjoy every. single. minute.

Rachel 01
Rachel 03
Rachel 02
Rachel 04
Rachel 05
Rachel 06

Congratulations, Rachel!!

Until next time…



Baby Eli | Newborn Session | Atlanta, GA

Let me tell you a story. I moved into my dorm my freshman year of college and shared a room with this quirky, lovable little redhead named Stephanie. She accidentally sat on a wet washcloth while we were moving in (because it was 100 degrees outside and we were DYING walking up four flights of stairs with all of our stuff – note: our dorm was the only one without an elevator. And we were at THE VERY TOP.) So when we walked next door to meet our neighbor guys (and we were trying to be really cool, because yknow… we’re in COLLEGE now) she looked like she had peed her pants. Which we realized after we got back to our room. Lo and behold, we became best friends.

Fast forward a couple of years to my wedding. I got married the summer between my junior and senior year of college (yeah yeah yeah, I know. I’m crazy – I DO WHAT I WANT! 😉 ) Stephanie was a bridesmaid, and through all of the celebrating and wedding functions she started hanging around JoJo’s older brother Benji . And she was all like, “Oh haaaaaay.” (*insert double eyebrow raise here*) They ended up REALLY hitting it off, and fast forward a couple more years and I was standing by her side while she got married. My master plan worked… now she’s in the family and we’re stuck together foreverrrrrrr! (wahoo!)

As if it couldn’t get any better, I had my second baby a little over a year ago. A son, to love/terrorize our older daughter of course. And at the end of that same year, Benji+Stephanie had a son – Elias.

God. is. GOOD. So good.

This little boy has brought so much joy already! And watching my best friend cross over into motherhood – WOW. It’s beautiful!! She’s a natural. This is the girl who, in the middle of our dorm room with a spaghetti bib taped to the wall as decoration (I still don’t know why that thing was there) taught me so much about loving people. She taught me so much about God’s love for me. A good friend told me once, “Friends are your chosen family”. And through all of the various seasons of life we’ve lived through both together and separately, in all of the different places we’ve called “home”, we’re still family. And now we get to raise our kids together. What a blessing that is!!

So even though these are looooong overdue, here are a handful of pictures from Baby Eli’s newborn session. I can’t believe how much he’s grown already! Seems like it was just yesterday…. Alright, take it away, Eli!

Baby Eli NB 01
Baby Eli NB 02
Baby Eli NB 03
Baby Eli NB 04
Baby Eli NB 05

Thanks for being so awesome, Eli. You’re pretty rad.

Until next time…


May 6, 2015 - 7:43 pm

Lucy Joiner - Just the other night, Jan and I talked about the very thing you just wrote about! How God put you two together and then how you both became part of our family! We serve an awesome God! Love you two gals! Nana

May 7, 2015 - 1:00 am

JoAnn McJenkin - Love this, love all of you! So happy to be related, what a blessed family we have.


May 7, 2015 - 3:08 am

Susan Black aka "Aunt Susan" - I knew part of the story above but not all and it is a wonderful story! You are all very lucky to be part of such a fantastic family and little Eli is such a wonderful blessing to OUR family as is Benji!

May 11, 2015 - 11:00 am

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Baby Silas | Family Session | Decatur, GA

Y’all, I’m about to give away just exactly how far behind I am on blogging… it’s REAL bad. This is sweet baby Silas’ 6 month session (which is my fave! I LOVE this age!) – and he just turned ONE. Right. So try to love me anyway, despite the fact that I’ve been withholding all of this preciousness from you…

This little guy has had a pretty wild first year, and he’s taken it all in stride. He’s so chill and easygoing, but he’s also one of the most serious babies I’ve ever met. Seriously, if you had seen all of the ridiculous things we did trying to get him to smile, and he just stared back, deadpan and serious… HAH! We looked like total chumps. Him and Ollie are buddies too (again, Ollie mostly freaks out thrashing and Silas just gives him the “come on bro, play it cool” look) – but the cool factor definitely goes up when they get together. We parents are just honored to be allowed in their presence… 😉  We are so grateful for the long-standing friendship we’ve had with the Mickey crew, and man are we going to MISS themmmm! I’m still in total denial that they’re leaving. But for now, we’ll just celebrate this milestone and remember this sweet baby face… go on, Silas. Take it away!


Happy Wednesday! Until next time…



The Gibson Crew | Family Session | Historic College Park, GA

Yknow, there’s something about siblings. They see you at your best AND your worst, and they’re stuck with you anyway… they can turn into your best friends if you don’t watch out. (SCARY. I know.) They’re unlike any other people in the whole world, because they’re like other pieces of you. What an awesome gift God gives us in siblings! I’ve loved palling around with this crew over the last couple of years, and am so thankful that we’ve gotten to know them. These kids are STRAIGHT COOL. And their parents?? Not too bad either! 😉 It’s warming up again outside, and we’re kicking weddings and family portraits back into gear. Here’s a little session from the fall that was too good to let pass by! The Gibsons are bringing the coolness factor way up on the blog today, so get ready… it’s coming for you!



Go hug your sibs today. (You don’t have to tell them I made you.)

Until next time!