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Daniel + Odette | eSession | Fayetteville GA

After meeting with Daniel + Odette at Starbucks and finding out that we got engaged at the same place, I knew it was meant to be. I was MEANT to photograph them… it was our destiny!! Lake Horton, the land of magic (and engagements apparently), is a highly exclusive park that hates everyone outside of Fayetteville (SO elitist, pssh!), but luckily these two had the golden ticket and worked some inside connections to get us in. They also came with a full set crew – a creative director, a stylist, a prop manager… I really shouldn’t get used to such pampering. The creative director, she’s someone I need to snag for staff. She sees EVERYTHING. Don’t try to sneak anything by her… and don’t even THINK about questioning her creative bursts. Homegirl don’t play.

Daniel and Odette were totally awesome. They’re anniversary is creepy, er, creeping up – they’re halloweenie loves! They were so fun to watch together, they really do fit in this perfect kind of way… aka just GO AHEAD AND GET MARRIED ALREADY GAH!

Congratulations to you guys! Can’t WAIT for the wedding (and all of that sassy dancing – ROWR!)

Now, come one, come all, and feast your eyes onnnn… (*drumroll please*)

Our set crew was MAJORLY slacking. What do they think this is?? A vacation??

May 22, 2012 - 9:01 am

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Newborn Photography? Oh. Yeah.

So a few weeks ago, my friend Holly came over and we decided to do our first official newborn photo shoot with my newest top model, Tacie. She’s the hottest new thing on the block, you’ll be seeing more of her fa SHO. Through our adventures with her I feel like I learned so much, so I figured I’d share it here in an informative and enlightening post for other people wanting to capture some sweet baby love! I’ve done shoots with kids, toddlers, but never fresh-out-of-the-oven newborns, so here’s what I’ve discovered:

#1) I know the motto is usually “Don’t feed the models”, but newbies don’t play that game. Fresh after a feeding is what I like to refer to as “the milk coma”. Perfect.

#2) I always made fun of newborn shoots because it always seemed like people just found things you can stick your baby in… so naturally, I found things all over my house I could stick my baby in. Just go with it. It’s the only time in their lives they can’t talk back and tell you how cheesy you are… I’m okay with it.

#3) I didn’t have one around, but I feel like a heating pad would be your best friend. Or maybe a blanket fresh out of the dryer or something? Maybe for next time I’ll give this one a whirl. I did learn though that throwing fruit fresh out of the refrigerator onto your baby? They’re definitely not down with that. Whoops.

#4) If you’re doing nakey baby shots, take the diaper off a little before you start shooting so you don’t have all of those crazy imprint lines on little baby booty. It’s not terrible to photoshop them out (which I did for a couple of these shots), but it’ll save you some time with just a little forethought.

Here’s a few shots from our session – she’s like 2 weeks here? I think? Pretty spankin’ new, that’s for sure…

We tried sticking her in a bowl… clearly it wasn’t a hit. She kept demanding neck support – pfft. What a diva. Good thing we had a nurse on set in case of major injury.

My creative director/nurse/baby whisperer on set (aka Holly) had a super cute idea to put your baby in whatever food you had cravings for when you were pregnant… hence the blueberries. Good thing I wasn’t craving like meatball subs or tuna salad… that would’ve been way precious I’m sure.

Literally, as soon as the words, “Pleeeeease don’t pee on this” came out of my mouth, she opened up the floodgates. As payback, this is definitely going to be one of those pictures we whip out when she brings her first boyfriend home…

Hope this helps some fellow baby whisperers out there! Now go find a little munchkin, grab a camera, and get a-snappin… GO!

Until next time,







March 30, 2012 - 5:17 pm

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The Lee Crew | Family Session | Fayetteville GA

So it’s that time of year again… for what you ask? For two of the greatest families you’ve ever met to combine forces for the ONE, the ONLY…. (*please read with the Mr. Movie guy’s voice*)….4th Annual Lynn Wheeler Golf Tournament for Emily Lee!!

Doug & Lynn Wheeler are members of our church at Covenant Presbyterian, and their story really is incredible. Christmas day of 2005, Lynn and her family were in a severe car accident on their way to church. Everyone else suffered only broken bones and bruises, but Lynn was then unable to move from the neck down. Since then, she’s been on a respirator and needed 24 hour care from her friends and family to survive. I personally didn’t know the Wheeler’s before her accident, but since knowing them I can say that they are some of the most joyful people I know. They truly have shown me what it looks like to have joy that’s not based on circumstances, the joy that comes from the Lord. They really are such a blessing to the people they know, even by just letting us watch the way they love each other. If you don’t know them, you’re missing out…. it’s true. The first two years we hosted the tournament in Lynn’s honor and used all of the proceeds towards her full-time care needs, but eventually they wanted to help another family with similar needs. Through mutual friends, they came across Emily Lee’s story, and the baton was then passed.

Nathan & Diana Lee had their third little girl, Emily Lee, on July 15th, 2005. They brought her in for testing at 5 weeks old because they felt she was not developing normally, and they determined that she had SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). This was the same diagnosis as their second child, Linnea Grace, who had passed away from respiratory failure. Within a year, Emily had lost her ability to swallow,breath adequately while sleeping, and couldn’t cough adequately because her muscles were so weak. She had to use a BiPAP breathing machine when sleeping, a feeding tube for all nutrition, and a host of other medical devices to help sustain her life.

SMA is the #1 genetic killer of kids under the age of 2… and Emily is now 6! She’s outlived her prognosis, and now she attends school 3-5 times a week, drives a power chair, and participates with and enjoys the people and world around her. She has such a sweet, sweet spirit, and she’s surrounded by a family that is not only ridiculously cool, but incredibly loving and kind.

Before they skipped town again we were able to do a little family session, and they were a total blast! Nathan’s parents, Nancy & Doug, were able to hop in on the action too and show some of that good ol’ grandparent love. I even got to use their crazy awesome van ramp to get a few shots – a definite necessity for a photographer, for sure. I’m gonna need to invest soon…. After some tree-climbin, some kid-swinging, blanket lounging, and tickle torture, here’s what we ended up with!

If you want to keep tabs on the Lee family or send them some support (DO ITTT),  you can find more info here:


October 21, 2011 - 6:24 pm

Nate - So much fun! Thanks for the great pics, Audra!! And thank you for all your help and support in putting on the golf tournament. :)

October 22, 2011 - 3:20 am

Diana - I love love love these photos! Thank you for capturing the laughter in the session, because you are the coolest photographer! Love the boots… it should be your secret signature stamp ; )

audraStarr: the BLOG!

Today is the launch of something SO fresh, SO clean… the brand spankin new audraStarr: freelance photographer BLOG! If it’s looking sparce, it’s because we’ve wiped the slates clean and are starting fresh! Check back in to “ooh” & “aah” at new sessions, pick up a few tips & tricks of the trade, and keep tabs on events and happenings!

It’s the beginning of something good… I can feel it! Pop in on the regular and join in the photo family – you’ll dig it. It’s a fact.

Until next time…