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Tamalyn+Cliff | Engagement Session | Lullwater Park

If I tried listing all of the reasons why I love Tamalyn… we’d be here awhile. Tam was a roomie of mine in college, and things have never quite been the same since. I learned about the Syrupmakers (it’s a real mascot), the “Cage” (I’ll let her tell you about that one), and I’m pretty sure she’s the reason I tried to take up tap-dancing my sophomore year because of her mad crazy dance skills. She was raising the bar of coolness, and I just couldn’t keep up! Since college, there’s always been some mileage between us, but every time we get together it’s like picking up right where we left off. She’s one of the most loyal and kind-hearted people I know, and now… she’s GETTING MARRIED. WAHOOOO! Cliff is pretty rad too, don’t get me wrong… He’s a total gentleman, got a great arsenal of jokes on the ready to keep everyone chuckling all day long, AND he’s going to be a dentist (talk about a major perk!)- that’s a winning combo for sure! When these guys are together, you can just feel the sense of easy-going fun radiating off of them… they’re pretty great.

So we headed over to Lullwater Park in Atlanta for their engagement session, and it was one of the first times I’d really been back in action since having Ollie… he even came with me on this shoot, which is a rarity. I figured, he’s gotta start training soon so he can start earning his keep around here! (What a freeloader…) We had a blast just catching up, wandering around, and making photo magic happen… I am SO so happy for these guys and can’t wait to celebrate with them in only a couple of weeks!! Can’t believe it’s almost go-time! Anywho, here’s a little photo love for you… Tam+Cliff, take it away!




Catching kiddies | Tips + Tricks

You know who some of my favorite people to photograph are? Toddlers. Yeah, I said it. Their sense of wonder and awe with everything is just so refreshing, and they always wear their feelings on their sleeves. I like to think of them as little uncensored adults – they just do and say absolutely everything we’re thinking, we’ve just learned to put a lid on it so we can make friends. Plus, we had to earn our adult status somehow so we can officially eat cookies whenever we want. (That’s probably the biggest perk in my book.)

Every kid is obviously way different, and every age is a brand new ball game… I’m probably most comfortable with toddlers right now because I’m constantly with a toddler, so I feel like I understand their kind. So if you ever find yourself in the position of trying to photograph these small tiny wonders, here are a few tidbits I’ve learned along the way that might help you out!

I met with the Watson crew for a family session, and their little boy is about the same age as my daughter (right around 3 years old). He was SO much fun! He was cracking me up with his enthusiasm and sweet little boy love… I was totally eating it up.

Tip #1: Talk to them like they’re real people. Because, y’know… they are. Have little conversations about things they like, make observations about things around you, you can talk about anything in the world – and talk to their parents in front of them too. The more they see you interacting, the more comfortable they’ll feel around you. If they don’t know you, you’re new territory and they’ve gotta feel you out before they’ll warm up (atleast most of the time… there are always the exceptions!)

Tip #2: Don’t start your session off sitting down. Let them burn off a little energy first! This is your time to do a few standing poses, let them run around a little bit, do some playful set-up’s with each parent or other siblings… make it fun right out of the gate! It’ll set the mood for the entire session, and if they know it’s nothing to be uncomfortable about, then they’ll get settled right in.

Tip #3: To get a great dreamy portrait, find out what book or TV character they like, set them up right up close to you, and ask if they can see them way in the back of your camera… they usually get really focused and stand pretty still, then BAM. You get this.

But if he’s looking reeeeeally hard, you could also end up with this… which is equally precious!

Tip #4: Be constantly watching for those little in between moments. Those are the ones I know I always cherish the most! Whether it be the way they giggle right after you give them a big ol’ smooch, or the way they get super excited every time an airplane flies overhead, or even just when they need help tying a shoe. Because one day, he’s not going to ask you to tie it for him anymore and you might just kinda miss that.

Tip #5: Give them lots of positive affirmation. Who doesn’t need a little boost every now and then?! I like to give sneak peeks to both the kids and the parents during the session if we snag a particularly awesome photo of them… it helps them to see your vision, and it usually puts the parents at ease (especially if they feel like their kid is all over the place). Just goes to show you can let them be free and still catch that photo magic!

Tip #6: Don’t forget Mom+Dad! Yeah, yeah, yeah… their kids are cute or whatever. But THESE are the real stone cold foxes! I love letting the kids “help me” take these photos too… they can give me their opinions on the set-up or even push the button if they’ve proven themselves worthy! This also keeps them engaged so they don’t run off and get into trouble while you’re snagging these photos.

Anywho, hope that helps you next time you find yourself toe-to-toe with a mini model… just set them free and do your thing! When you’re thinking as a photographer, be as confident as they are and play by their rules (or lack thereof) – creative freedom! It’s a beautiful thing.

Happy Wednesday! Until next time…


October 30, 2014 - 4:09 pm

Laura - Loved all of the tips – thx!

The Santos Crew | Family Session | East Point, GA

So I got to hang with the Santos family as they were loading everything up and getting ready to move to a whole new state… sounds like the perfect time to do family pictures, right?? As crazy as their life may have been at the time, walking through their boxed up house as they prepared for the next new chapter, I realized how much of an honor it truly is to be able to give them this tangible, take-away memory. Home can be wherever you make it, but you’ll always miss certain parts when it changes… I had such a blast shooting around with these four, and am sad to see them go! But their adventure awaits… can’t get in the way of that!:)
Alright, here wo go… take it away Santos crew!

Santos Fam 01
Santos Fam 02
Santos Fam 03


Laurie+Winfield | Atlanta Wedding | Emory Presbyterian Church

Y’all, I’ve been SO terrible at blogging lately… will you ever forgive me?? Because I’ve been sitting on this couple’s AH-mazing wedding coverage for ages and have been seriously depriving you guys of some blissful wedding magic!! Hopefully this will make up for it… I knew you’d understand.

Anywho, I met Laurie back in the day when Brooke+Blaine’s wedding was happening, and at the time she was juuuust starting to date this studly hunk of a man who just so happened to be her wedding date. [THE PROOF:]


I mean, that just SCREAMS “we’re totally getting married one day”… am I right?! These two are SO much fun, and are so incredibly sweet together it’ll make you swoon. Laurie+Winfield put so much thought into every detail that went into their day, you can just see it radiating all over the place. Their family and friends were all amazingly sweet and coincidentally some pretty hardcore dancers, which you KNOW I appreciate! There was also a LOT of Georgia vs. Tech rivalry happening… I’m talking chanting, random outbursts of choreographed song, pom-pom attacks, you name it. They had the Rambling Wreck to cruise around in and show off that Tech pride right after the ceremony and use as their getaway car at the end of the night. It was hilarious watching the bystanders doing double takes and going nuts once they realized what was buzzing by them! Definitely one of my fave photo props of all time… pat yourselves on the back for that one!

I’m SO so thrilled for these two, and can’t wait to see all of the adventures that unfold in their wild married journey! Congratulations you little lovebirds! Couldn’t be happier for you!:)Alright, now for the details and most importantly… THE PHOTO MAGIC! Take it away Laurie+Winfield!

Ceremony venue: Emory Presbyterian Church

Reception venue: The Marianna

Florist: Holland Daze

Cake Artist: Sweet Chloe’s

DJ: Complete Music

Laurie+Winfield Wedding Getting Ready 01
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Getting Ready 02
Laurie+Winfield Wedding First Look 03
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Ceremony 07
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Bride and Groom 04
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Bridal Party 08
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Bride and Groom 05
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Bride and Groom 06
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Reception 01
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Reception 02
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Reception 03
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Reception 04
Laurie+Winfield Wedding Reception 05

Until next time!