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Rachel+Al | Wedding | Hampton, GA

I worked as a second shooter with Kimberly Card, and man. We were BOTH so pregnant. Her more so than me… a full nine months and she was still kicking some wedding photography butt! (In a beautifully magical wedding kind of way, of course). Everyone kept asking if we were due at the same time (I still had 3 months to go at the time, and Kim only had 3 weeks)… so, er. That was confusing for people. Robyn Sutton was there second shooting too, which was kind of cool having a photo trio…. I could totally get used to it. They are both way fun to hang with, so needless to say… it was a blast.

Rachel and I actually used to play softball together in high school back in the day (<– say that in your best grandma voice, you know the one), so this was kinda like a mini reunion for me! It was so great getting to see so many familiar faces and catch up… SO random that I would end up there, small world I guess! She’s such a foxy mama too, she was working the whole bridal thing! I was totally impressed! Al was such a southern gentleman, and if that wasn’t enough he even came with snazzy socks. They were SO so sweet together, you could just sense their deep friendship under it all… it was really something. They had such a sweet ceremony, then partied the night away on the dance floor with one of THE greatest wedding bands I’ve EVER heard. That’s no exaggeration. Forreal. All I’m saying is at one point the guitarist busted out an entire guitar solo WITH HIS MOUTH. There’s photographic evidence… don’t just take my word for it!

SO so happy for these two, congratulations you little lovebirds! Now on with the goods… Rachel+Al, take it away!



Vanessa+Darren | Wedding | Atlanta, GA

This wedding season I got the opportunity to do a good bit of second shooting for weddings… it. was. AWESOME. Why do I luhOVE being a second shooter? It’s a nice change of pace every now and then… it gives you time to slow down and notice the things that you would normally miss in the hustle of getting through the day. It’s a chance to try out a new technique or two you’ve been wanting to bust out and work with. And most of all, it’s a chance to come alongside another photographer and see them in action – how they look at things, the way they interact with people, basically all things behind-the-scenes. It’s like a healthy creative kick in the pants, and it just so happened to be a total blast at the same time. Whodathunkit?

I got to work with the super jazzy and talented Jess Fouts for Vanessa+Darren’s wedding. She’s got such a cool, funky style, I love bouncing ideas around with her while we shoot… she’s got it going on. This is her being all “in the zone” (you can tell it’s good already, can’t you??):


I met Vanessa+Darren awhile back for a mini-session and also for the “Momtographer workshop“, so it was way fun to get to hang with these guys again! They had such a fun wedding too, it was an honor just to be a part of it! Super happy for these guys – congrats you little lovebirds!!

Here are just a handful of the highlights from their big day… Vanessa+Darren, take it away!



Megan+Jordan | Wedding | Roswell, GA

Packing up and heading over to Megan+Jordan’s wedding, I could just feel it. This was about to be some serious wedding awesomeness… These two are amazingly sweet together, so easygoing and cheerful, they’re just… FUN. (You can even tell from their engagement session!) I don’t think it’s possible to NOT like them, you know?

The whole day was so relaxed, the weather was great, everyone was having a good time, and the venue was incredible. Megan’s friend, Brooke (a bridesmaid), even created a custom bridal gown for her, and it was AH-MAZING. It was SO unique, and fit Megan’s personality so well… she did an awesome job! The bridal party crew kept it coming all day long, and even busted out some preeeetty impressive dance moves later on. None could top Megan+Jordan’s first dance though… let’s just say the knee-to-elbow move was definitely happening. (Don’t worry, there’s photographic evidence… you can re-live it too!) A huuuge thanks to Jess Fouts and all of her amazing wing-woman work. This girl is a serious all-star!

Wedding/Reception Venue: The Gardens at Great Oaks

Event Coordinator: Patricia Elizabeth Bridal

Dress Designer: Brooke Watson

Florist: Bride, Mom, and Aunt

Hair Stylist: Brianne McWilliams

Cake Artist: Diane Woods

DJ: My Big Day Music

Alright, now for the good stuff… Megan+Jordan, take it away!

(**WARNING** Super giant post, so might take a second to load… but trust me. Totally worth the wait.:))






Baby Claire | Newborn Session | Marietta, GA

Little Baby Claire is the most calm, easy going baby I’ve ever met. She had me at “hello, and yes, I’ll snuggle with you” (which of course she said with her precious little baby eyes… I speak baby eyes fluently.) Her big sister Eloise was pretty excited to do this photo shoot too (mostly because of the goldfish that were involved) – but hey, you take what you can get! If I knew people would hand feed me nutella covered strawberries, I’d probably make a big deal out of things more often too…. might as well milk it while you can! Seems like it wasn’t all that long ago we were doing her newborn pictures too! Seriously, where does all of that time go?!? It was so great catching up with these guys, we’ve missed them! Can’t wait to watch this sweet little fam grow up together, it’s gonna be preeeeetty darn precious.

Congratulations you guys!! We are SO so happy for you! Here’s just a handful of highlights to perk up your Wednesday…. take it away Baby Claire!



Mary Kathryn + Jay | Wedding | College Park, GA

There’s something about the crisp fall air, the punchy oranges in the trees, and (most importantly) the crunchy leaves you get to walk/run/throw/pile into… it’s like a fresh burst before winter creeps in. Too bad fall only lasts like two weeks tops in Atlanta… Maybe three? There’s something so special about it though, I love it! Mary Kathryn + Jay had a sweet, super intimate chapel wedding with only their close families there and it was so refreshing… don’t get me wrong, I love a big party too. But there was something so unique about just having everything simplified and personal. Seems like it’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of wedding day details and we spend so much time thinking about all of that, it’s easy to forget what the day is even all about in the first place. This was the first wedding I’ve done like this, and I loveloveLOVED it! We had a blast! Super happy for these two, and wish them the best in their wild and crazy family adventures… they’re gonna be preeeetty great I’m sure!

Ceremony Venue: College Park United Methodist Church (Chapel)

Reception Venue: Home of the Bride’s Parents

Officiant: Vicki Smith

Florist: Wayne English

Make-Up Artist: Peggy Bryden

Hair Stylist: Mary Cornwell

Caterer: ?

Cake Designer: Buttersweet Bakery

Now for the good stuff…. Mary Kathryn + Jay, take it away!


Until next time,