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Nathan+Briana | Wedding | Hampton, GA

One of my favorite things about Briana+Nathan is their easy way about themselves. They’re so laid back and comfortable with each other, and enjoy the simple things in life. They had the most beeeeeautiful afternoon outdoor fall wedding at Nash Farms, it was seriously some kinda perfect. Nathan’s a firefighter (could you tell by his totally studly man-modeling?? Total giveaway, I know) so they got a vintage firetruck to ride off together on after snacking and dancing the afternoon away… it was pretty darn precious! And Briana was a stone cold fox… she pulled off some sassy bridal boots like no other! I had such a blast with these two, and can’t wait to see what kind of awesomeness they pull off together in the years to come! Congratulations you little lovebirds… SO so happy for you guys!


Ceremony+Reception Venue: Nash Farms

Caterer: Judy Foster

Cake Designer: Publix + Great American Cookie

Florist: Blooms for Hope

Make-Up Artist: Georgia Sexton

Hair Stylist: Jessica Logan

Officiant: Cary Phillips

Also, a HUGE thanks to Katey Penton for her mad-crazy second shooter skills!


Now for the good stuff… Briana+Nathan, take it away!



Until next time!



The Griffin Crew | Family Session | Newnan, GA

When they say “boys will be boys”… they aren’t joking around. It’s real. These two little fireballs were every bit of boy that they possibly could’ve been, and yet still managed to be totally charming… they were such a blast! We wandered around a pumpkin patch down in Newnan, checking out the pretty impressive leaves they had around (Jesse was quite the leaf enthusiast) and caught up with a few of the animals, y’know. The usual. Being around kids this age is so refreshing for me. It’s work at the same time, sure, but it reminds me to simplify the way I’m thinking about things and to think about my surroundings the way that they would see them. It’s like they re-train me to see like a kid again. To actually notice that one out of a hundred leaves on the ground. To pull at a corn stalk until it tickles my face and giggle, over and over again. (Ok, maybe that’s cuter when they do it.) To run just to run, not to burn calories, not because I’m in a hurry… just because I can. I don’t know, I think there’s something to Jesus telling us to be like little children. I hope I always remember what it’s like being a kid, and that I never lose that awe and wonder for life. But I’d be ok if I get the perks of being an adult too – like getting to eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast/lunch/dinner… Best of both worlds.

Now for pictures! Come on Griffin crew, take it away!


November 4, 2013 - 6:06 pm

Chere Griffin - We love our pics! Thanks so much for making it fun! You’re awesome!

November 5, 2013 - 1:11 am

Brittany McCullough - Gorgeous family! Amazing photographer!

November 6, 2013 - 8:42 am

Joan White - Wonderful photos. Love them all. Great photographer.

Sarah+Dave | e-Session | Roswell, GA

Sarah+Dave are sooooo in love… I’ve got pictures to prove it! Had such a blast with these two foraging through the wilderness and exploring around the Roswell Mill. (Except for that one time I almost stepped on an obscenely big snake in sissy sandals… they witnessed it! And the one time I didn’t wear my boots… Seriously!) These two were so adventurous, climbing fences, breaking laws, laughing in the face of natural dangers (i.e. obscenely big snake), rolling in with a Ducati and 2 ferocious hounds (ok, maybe “2 awesome snuggle pups” would be a better description)… but seriously. They were down for whatever, and were totally all about each other – the recipe for e-Session greatness. I’m SO so excited for their wedding coming up in just a few more months… it’s gonna be awesomeeeee! (Because they’re awesome. Naturally.)

Congratulations you little lovebirds! Now let’s get to it… Sarah+Dave, take it away!





Josh+Natalie are… kind of awesome. Like, I’m kind of surprised we’re even friends because they’re coolness far surpasses my coolness. Not to totally steal his thunder on this one, but rumor has it Josh is about to invent some kind of sweaty bald man hat insert that is super absorbent for all of the sweaty bald men out there in the world (not to be confused with a towel), and he’s probably gonna make some serious dough on this one. So if you’re in the market for friends, I’m just saying. He might have a yacht soon. 😉

These guys have been friends with us for a few years now ever since we moved to CP, and this is the first time I’ve gotten to do a session with them – and I’m now convinced they lead secret lives as supermodels. There’s no other explanation. I ventured out to some new spots for our session, and I loveloveLOVE the way they turned out! Sometimes I just need a good creative kick in the pants, and this was the perfect session for just that. We even found a crazy cool art installation on the Beltline that was like this tunnel made out of what I’m pretty sure was twisted saran wrap… mind. blown. My fave spot hands down. I had a total blast hanging with these guys again! Can’t wait to dig up their old secret modeling portfolios… oh, I’ll find them. You just wait.


Until next time!



Who says you have to be getting married or engaged or having babies to be getting your pictures made?? Listen. If you’re married, and you’ve been married for a hot minute, and you are thinking about how smokin’ you guys still are (or just about how you don’t any amazingly awesome semi-recent pictures of you guys, that’s a good reason too), then you stand up with your head held high and proudly proclaim: WE’RE MARRIED AND WE DO WHAT WE WANT. And then book an “I’M MARRIED AND WE DO WHAT WE WANT” session (preferably with me, of course), have the TIME of your lives, gross your kids out by playing kissy-face, and celebrate how far you’ve come… because marriage is an accomplishment! And that’s worth celebrating too!

Michelle+Al go to the same church as we do, and Al wiles out leads worship in a really amazing kind of way… seriously, come see him in action. You won’t regret it. And Michelle is always blowing me away with her coolness… she’s so easy-going, super personable, and always has on an outfit I wish I owned. (One day, maybe I’ll be a cool mom like her… fingers crossed!) They just recently celebrated their 18th anniversary, which is AWESOME! We’ve got so many great families at our church to watch and learn from, and these guys are definitely one of them. It was an honor to be able to document this chapter, and I had such a blast with them doing it! Congratulations to the both of you guys – here’s to adding a few more years to the roster! 😉

Until next time,