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What to wear, what to wear…

So you’re getting married soon, you’re prepping for you engagement session, and then all of a sudden a panic hits you – OMGOMGOMG WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?! Stop. Sit. Breathe. You are not the first person to ask…  lo and behold, I am here with all things good that you need to know! Ok, maybe not all things… but here are a few questions I get pretty frequently that will hopefully help you get all snazzed up and feeling good before your big session!

Q: How many different outfits should we wear?

A: Included with your session is 2-3 outfit changes, but I would really recommend 2. The reason for this? Takes some time to get you guys swapped out and spruced up between each change, and since we’re working within a window of time to catch the best natural light we want to be able to use every second we can! Most people go with a dressier option, and then a casual one. You really can do it either way, but I usually recommend starting with the dressier option. It’s easier to change into your comfy digs, and then you can start maxin’ and chillaxin’!




Q: Should we match?

A: My fave line from Stacy + Clinton on ‘What not to Wear’ is, “It doesn’t have to match, it just has to GO.” I think this totally applies to matching two outfits together for one shoot (or more than that even for family shoots!) There are soooo many ways to do this, the goal is to just catch something where you each compliment each other that isn’t clashing. Sooo… needless to say, you guys should probably talk about this beforehand and pick out your outfits together. Don’t blindly pack two separate bags and just hope something magic comes together…

ALSO, think about your location… where are you going to be taking these? Choose something that goes with that vibe. For instance, if you’re in the woods traipsing around, maybe don’t wear your prom dress and stick heels. (Since I know you were thinking about wearing that anyway… just go ahead and nix it.)


Briana+Nathan played off of their rustic natural backdrop by keeping their color palette soft and earthy, but still spruced it up enough to give it a dressy vibe. I thought it complimented the setting and each other perfectly!

Q: Are patterns okay to wear?

A: YES! By all means, bring on the funk! Try to stay away from the small, tight patterns that are super busy – those tend to not translate as well with the camera. Big and bold patterns usually work great, so bring on your plaids, florals, stripes, Hawaiian shirts, you name it…. (ok, maybe leave the Hawaiian shirt. Unless you’re totally into that kind of thing, then I might allow it.)


Ryan+Kristin kept their color pallette more neutral but spiced it up by mixing in a few prints together. I LOVE this! They also were shooting in the fall in a woodsy garden area, so we were expecting a lot of poppy colors from the leaves around them. It worked like a charm!


I’m always a sucker for a good patterned blazer and some colored denim, or cords for the fall.

Q: Should I get my hair or make-up done?

A: That is totally up to you. It’s a great chance to practice your wedding make-up if you already have your artist picked out and see how it photographs, but by no means do you have to. You probably won’t want your full on wedding hair done if it’s something elaborate or a fancy schmancy up-do – that would probably be better for a Bridal Session if you choose to add that on with your package. Again though, a great time to practice it and see how it photographs! Also, if you need recommendations for make-up or hair artists, I’d be happy to refer a few!

Q: Do we bring anything with us?

A: If you have something that is specific to you guys or super meaningful to you as a couple, definitely bring it with you! I usually do a “Getting to Know You Kit” with each of my wedding couples, and this is something you’ll each fill out and mail back to me before the engagement session. This is a great way for me to get some insight into who you guys are, and also sparks a lot of creative ideas and suggestions for this kind of thing… we want your session to be ridiculously “YOU”, and this is a perfect way to add one of those small personal touches.


Ann+Matt wanted to do a few pictures with his Navy gear since he’s basically an underwater submarine creature more often than a land-dweller, which I loved. Her dress was the perfect amount of pop to go with it too! They also wanted to incorporate some college pride while making fun of each other’s current obsessions (Matt is SO obsessed with their wedding…). I loved that they just had fun with it! Don’t everybody go bringing coffee mugs on me now though… just an idea!


S T Y L I N G T I D B I T S:

Don’t fear color! A great way to pop some in is with accessories, which is so easy to do with a sassy scarf or some colored denim. And never, EVER underestimate the power of a totally awesome accessory. Bring on the bangles, chunky rings, statement necklaces, hats, you name it.



O T H E R  [generally awesome] T I P S :

– BE ON TIME!! I cannot stress how important this is! Being a natural light photographer, we are scheduling your session at a specific time based on this factor so if you’re , running even 15 minutes late that’s cutting into crucial shooting time. And come ready to start shooting, so have your outfit on, hair and make-up done, and kissy-face ready! 😉

-We’ll be doing a couple of close-up ring shots, so if you have time go ahead and polish that baby up! It’s the perfect excuse to get it cleaned anyway… I never get around to doing it!

-Most importantly: BE YOURSELVES. Wear something you’re comfortable and feel good in – if you’ve never worn a tie in your life, don’t start now if it makes you feel weird. Because then you’ll look like you feel weird in your pictures. You feel me?


Hope this helps! The most important thing of all… is that you HAVE FUN. Let your hair down, play kissy face, and just relish in the fact that you are absolutely and totally in love. And you’re gonna look awesome no matter what with your sweet honey by your side.

Can’t wait to make some photo magic with you!

Until next time,



The Newborn Session.

So after having our first baby, I realized something about newborn sessions. I realized how totally chaotic yet completely irreplaceable that small window of time is where you can actually call your baby “a newborn”, and when you exit that phase you can never ever have it back again. Our newborn pictures are some of the earlier ones I’d done, just because I hadn’t really had much demand for that niche. But the more I do it, the more I realize what pictures really meant the most to us and what I want to be able to give to you guys… amazing, beautiful portraiture that’s timeless and most importantly, that your kids will never make fun of you for. The more I think about and do newborn sessions, the more I found myself asking, ‘Why am I sticking your baby in a bucket? Why am I sticking your baby in a suitcase? What is even going on right now?!’ (Ok, it’s not that dramatic, but still… valid questions, right?). I guess I got to thinking, and what I really emphasize with every other session I do, whether it be engagement sessions, family sessions, seniors, weddings, you name it – the most important thing is capturing that raw, genuine moment with you in all of your “you-ness”. Why would I do anything different for a newborn? Granted, they might be a little more demanding, but I feel I would be doing you a disservice providing anything less than just that. Having said that, from this point on I am really going to steer my newborn sessions towards a more natural, home-based session. I also might try to include some short film stuff with your sessions as well, since that was my ultimate favorite keepsake – but this I’ll have to do some experimenting with still so stay tuned! And just as a disclaimer, if you still want to stick your baby in a bucket, I totally won’t judge you! And I can recommend some really amazing photographers that can do it for you, and they’re awesome at it! I want you to remember this small, incredibly special window of time no matter what… it’s a quick season, quicker than most, but one of the most rewarding and beautiful ones I’ve been through. Wishing the same for each of you!

And here’s the video I was talking to you about. Nothing crazy, but enough to remember the important tidbits… warning: it’s a total heart-melter.

Until next time,


Yo, bro. Chill out.

This weekend, let’s take a minute to CHILL OUT. If you’re anything like me, once your feet hit the floor in the morning it’s like a never ending chain of whateverness until you completely crash that night. And then you wake up and do it all over again.

Yesterday I had a few hours to just unwind and stop thinking about my scrolling “to-do list”, and it. was. AWESOME. I highly recommend that at some point this weekend, you put on your shades, lean back like a G, and kick it like this guy. (Go on, your secret’s safe with me.)

Kick back and relax, bro. It’s the weeeeeeeekend!

Until next time,


Brooke+William | Wedding | Buford, GA

Brooke+William got hitched! Can you believe it?! And here are the pictures to prove it! You might remember them from their e-Session… it was pretty dang precious. They got married at the church Brooke’s father is a pastor at, Buford Church of Christ, and it was probably one of the most entertaining ceremonies of all time… William miiiight’ve walked down the aisle in a superman cape. And the ring might’ve come out of a cracker jack bag. I’m just saying…

These two have their sense of humor well in tact, which they did such an awesome job incorporating into every part of their wedding. The ‘Bama love came shining through too, while kicking it with a little bit of rustic flare mixed in there. They had a reception that was like a sweet-lover’s paradise… they had me at “chocolate fountain” (*swoon*). I had a blast with these two, and can’t wait to see all of the adventures ahead of them!

SO so happy for you two… Congratulations!! I feel like we should play a Ke$ha song right now to celebrate?! William? Hit it.


Liz+James | e-Session | Atlanta, GA

Let me tell you why Liz is probably cooler than you.

#1) She lived with me in college for a year. Not just any year, our senior year. I might’ve had a bedroom in the living room with a curtain around it, but other than that minor setback it was TOTES MCGOATS AWESOMEEEE.

#2) “Smarty-pants” is a maaaajor understatement when describing this impressive hunk of brain. Her coffee table readers are mostly about fractals. She is OBSESSED with fractals. Seriously. And she’s the sole reason I passed any and all of my Spanish classes in college. (Thanks again for that… whew!)

#3) I heard she was doing car commercials in Japan. And one time on a plane, John Stamos told her she was pretty.

#3) Her last name is Meany. And she’s a teacher. So her name is “Miss Meany”. The only other teacher name that could even come close to being that cool was my sixth grade math teacher Miss Vader. It’s a tough call…

#4) She is marrying the equally smart, sassy, and hilarious male version of herself… enter JAMES! Man-stallion in all of his gloryyy!! 😉

These two seriously just make sense. They fit each other so so well, and I’m SO pumped that they’re getting hitched! They are gonna have a totally nerdy fun, adventurous life together, I can just feel it…

Congratulations you little lovebirds you!! Love to you both!